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Image by Scott Blake

Approximately 2.3 million people worldwide die per year from occupational illnesses and industrial accidents. Many occupational accidents lead to injuries every day. The direct and indirect costs of such accidents are estimated to reach several trillion USD. 


Accidents related to fall is common especially for those industries involving field workers, among which construction and mining are top on the list. Construction is a major industry in Canada and construction sites are some of the riskiest working environments. Mining is one of Canada’s most important economic sectors and a major job creator. Mining sites however are known to be full of hazards that safety management is the major focus and pressing concern.


With a vision to reduce the risks of accident in these two predominant industries, we especially design our location-AI platform with reference to their domain knowledge. The clear aim is to efficiently reduce the fatality rate and serious injury rate by our software and hardware technologies.

Image by Ant Rozetsky


Mining is one of Canada’s most important economic sectors and a major job creator. Mining is an occupation full of hazards and safety has been an ongoing and pressing concern. We are in a strong position to help Canadian mining companies put a formal safety management system in place.

Team Working in the System Room


We provide an Integrated IoT tracking and AI analytic platform that provides the following product and services: 

  • Management system 

  • System deployment 

  • Positioning and smart wearable device 

The innovative system includes: 

  • Indoor & outdoor positioning 

  • Indoor GIS  

  • Location tracking 

  • Alert system (sound or light) 

  • Geo-fencing system 

  • Safety patrol 

  • AI prediction  

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