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Product & services 

The Location AI platform comprises:

1.          A cloud-based central content management system

2.          A user end application (i.e. an App)

3.          A wearable smart IoT device


System Features

The systems provide following functions

1.          Accident/abnormal motions detection and multiple terminals alerting features

2.          Geo-fencing accident prevention and fall prediction (by machine learning) features

3.          Fast response and rescue wayfinding features


We also provide mapping services to facilitate a better smart campus and industrial safety management.



We provide an IoT device in a wearable form for field workers, which automatically detect any fall accidents and its location so that a rescue action can be initiated immediately.


What our system really shines is not only its ability to provide rescuers with the precise location in real-time, but a dynamic multi-floor wayfinding function that vbreduces the time to reach the scene.

System alert.png

Nothing is more important than safety...

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